ABS ComfortVest
Combination of safety harness and high-visibility vest

Rear view of an ABS ComfortVest safety harness which also functions as a high-viz vest
The reflective back of our ABS ComfortVest safety harness has a piece cut out to allow PPE equipment to be hooked up to it
Photo showing a roof worker wearing a high-viz ABS ComfortVest and integrated safety harness hooked up to fall arrest system
Even if it is dull outside, wearing an ABS ComfortVest safety harness ensures that the user is really easy to see
Photo showing a roofer working at the edge of the roof: His reflective ABS ComfortVest safety harness is connected up to an anchorage point
If the worker falls, he will be easily found and rescued even quicker, if he is wearing an ABS ComfortVest

Product information ABS ComfortVest

This easy-to-wear, high-visibility vest (one size) is combined with an integrated safety harness. It can be individually adjusted to fit and has anchorage options at the chest and at the back (for your arresting system). It also has additional pockets at the front which offer extra storage space for your tools and mobile telephone.

  • EN 361:2002
  • EN 471:2003 + A1:2007
  • Practical quick release fasteners
  • Suitable for users up to 136 kg
  • Signal colour and integrated reflectors ensure high-visibility
Max. no. of users

Find out more about our ABS ComfortVest Easy to see - well-secured: High-visibility vest with integrated safety harness

Our ABS ComfortVest is not only a reliable safety harness but also doubles up as a high-visibility vest. This safety vest is supplied in bright yellow. Its two additional reflectors ensure the best possible visibility - even in poor lighting conditions - PPE equipment that greatly increases your safety whilst you are working.

This special combination of safety harness and high-viz vest is also a winner when it comes to comfort: Thanks to its lightweight design, you will enjoy wearing this vest - even for longer assignments. Practical quick release fasteners on the legs and at the chest allow you to put the vest on and take it off quickly. The straps can also be individually adjusted for a perfect fit. You can hook up your connector either at the chest (e.g. in the case of a vertical lifeline) or using the D-ring on the back.

2 large pockets with a Velcro fastener offer plenty of room for your mobile and small tools. Our ABS ComfortVest is a certified PPE item/safety harness in accordance with EN 361:2002.

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