ABS-Lock X-SW-6
Anchorage point - simply screwed through sandwich sheeting

Product information ABS-Lock X-SW-6

This anchorage point (Ø 16 mm) was specially designed for sandwich sheeting and is attached from above by screwing it into the load-bearing substructure below (wooden beam or Z purlin). This anchor, which is manufactured completely from stainless steel, is suitable for a range of different seam intervals.

How to determine your required article variant with suitable screw length is explained here.

  • EN 795:2012, A + CEN/TS 16415:2017
  • Specially designed for sandwich sheeting
  • Attached to a wooden beam or Z purlin
  • Distance between the bore holes: 250 mm /  333 mm
  • Incl. installation materials
Force Directions
Max. no. of users

Find out more about our ABS-Lock X-SW-6 Simply screwed into place: Anchorage device for sandwich roofs

Our weather-resistant ABS-Lock X-SW-6 anchor  scores extra points through being really easy to install from above. The anchorage point base plate is attached to two seams - directly over the wooden beams or Z purlins - using 6 screws. These screws are simply inserted through the sheeting and installation layer into the load-bearing substructure below. Of course, we also supply the screws in the length you need according to your specifications.

This robust, stainless steel anchorage point is capable of securing 3 roof workers simultaneously once it has been correctly installed. All your roof workers, carpenters & Co. need to do is to simply hook up the connectors of their personal fall protection equipment (PPE) to the anchorage eyelet of our ABS-Lock X-SW-6. This anchor can either be deployed as a retention system or as an arresting system. All the important product specifications have been laser-etched into the supporting rod so that they can be easily read.

To make sure that our ABS-Lock X-SW-6 anchorage point can be installed on sandwich profiles with different seam intervals, we have drilled a variety of holes into the base plate  so distance of 250 mm or 333 mm are possible. A number of self-adhesive sealant patches are supplied with the product.

This anchorage point can also be easily converted to support an intermediate bracket, corner element or end terminal (with a tensioning element) in a lifeline system. Our product range includes all the components you need to set up an ABS-Lock SYS system.

Variant overview ABS-Lock X-SW-6

Based on the element thickness of your substrate, determine the appropriate screw length for you and specify it in your order. Team Sales & Engeneering will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Element thickness = article number incl. suitable installetion set (XXX=your desired overhang)

  • Mounting around wooden beams
    • 75-90 mm = LX-SW-6-XXX-160
    • 91-110 mm = LX-SW-6-XXX-180
    • 111-150 mm = LX-SW-6-XXX-220
    • 151-210 mm = LX-SW-6-XXX-280
  • Mounting on Z-purlin
    • 75-137 mm = LX-SW-6-XXX-160
    • 138-157 mm = LX-SW-6-XXX-180
    • 158-197 mm = LX-SW-6-XXX-220
    • 198-257 mm = LX-SW-6-XXX-280