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ABS QuattroRoll
Glider with 4 ball bearing-mounted rollers for traversable lifeline systems

Product information ABS QuattroRoll

Glider with 4 ball bearing-mounted rollers and a large anchorage eyelet, manufactured completely from rust-resistant components. Runs smoothly around the curves and over the intermediate elements in a lifeline system. Easy to open up and particularly safe thanks to its two-handed mechanism.

  • Roller glider for 6mm & 8mm lifeline systems
  • Specially designed for traversable lifeline systems
  • First-class gliding properties
  • 4 stainless steel, ball bearing-mounted rollers
  • Stainless steel (V4A) and aluminium
  • Secures 1 individual in accordance with EN 795:2012
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Find out more about our ABS QuattroRoll It takes curves in its stride: Our ABS QuattroRoll roller glider

ABS QuattroRoll is the name of our best-ever roller glider for horizontal lifeline systems. It glides perfectly around every curve and runs smoothly over every intermediate support on its four ball-bearing rollers, whereby it remains firmly attached to the steel cable - the closing mechanism, which can only be operated using both hands, prevents it from being accidentally or unintentionally opened. Thanks to its large anchorage eyelet, this roller glider can be used with a whole range of different carabiners.

The robust design of our roller glider is a combination of weather-resistant plastic, high-quality aluminium and stainless steel (V4A). This means that our ABS QuattroRoll is not only suitable for use outdoors but fulfils all the prerequisites for a long service life.

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