ABS SafetyBull
Mobile anchorage device designed to temporarily secure a flat roof surface

Mobile anchorage trolley solution to secure individuals, incl. a range of optional accessories.
Image showing two workers pulling a temporary ABS SafetyBull anchorage system along behind them on a flat roof surface.
2 roof workers can easily pull this mobile anchorage system over to where it is needed.
Detailed image showing an ABS SafetyBull anchorage vehicle with a connector hooked up to it
Reliably secures 2 individuals: The anchorage eyelets automatically trigger the steel anchor mechanism underneath in the case of a fall.
Optional acccessory: Toolbox.
Optional accessories: Side bars.
Optional accessory: Tray for materials

Product information ABS SafetyBull

Simply roll this mobile anchorage system for individuals over to where it is to be implemented to protect up to 2 people from falls - without any further installation effort. Our ABS SafetyBull, which is equipped with smooth-running wheels and has plenty of room for tools, is the perfect temporary fall arrest solution on a flat roof surface.

Dimensions: 543 mm (H), 841 mm (W), 1.620 mm (L); total length with handle: 2.519 mm

  • EN 795:2012, E + CEN/TS 16415:2017
  • Flat roofs < 5°
  • Simple to use
  • Special wheels make it easy to move
  • Total weight: 274 kg
  • Optional:
    • Toolbox
    • Side bars (2x)
    • Tray for materials
    • Additional weights (11x)

Find out more about our ABS SafetyBull Mobile anchorage system on wheels: This weighted system is simply rolled over to where you need to use it

Our ABS SafetyBull combines all the best properties of a temporary fall arrest system - specially-designed for workers high-up: Mobility, preservation of the roof membrane and easy installation. This system, which weighs around 280 kg, is simply rolled over to where it is to be deployed. It is equipped with 2 anchorage eyelets - one for each person. As no more weights are needed - and it is not necessary to physically attach the system to the roof surface - there is no installing to be done. In addition, our ABS SafetyBull has plenty of room for all the tools, materials and building components you need. This vehicle is a true all-rounder when it comes to temporarily securing the edge of the roof - or any other work area where there is a danger of falling.

The anchorage eyelets of this mobile anchorage system are linked to a safety mechanism integrated into the vehicle: If an individual connected up to the system falls, a steel anchor instantly shoots out of the bottom of our ABS SafetyBull and bores into the roof surface. This ensures that our safety vehicle keeps a firm footing - reliably holding up the person who has fallen over the edge until he/she can be rescued. This system has been tested as a temporary anchorage device in accordance with EN 795 - national technical approval is not required - and has also been awarded an additional certification in line with CEN/TS 16415 which guarantees that the system can be simultaneously used by several individuals.

Our ABS SafetyBull flat roof securing system is extremely robust and made of high-quality, weatherproof materials for a long life expectancy. The fact that this anchor system can simply by rolled over to the falling edge on the wheels attached to the bottom of the steel frame make this solution the most flexible mobile fall arrest system on the market. Naturally, to ensure that you are kept perfectly safe when using our ABS SafetyBull, we also offer a complete selection of equally high-quality fall protection equipment (PPE): Our product range includes an assortment of comfortable-to-wear safety harnesses, lightweight safety helmets with a chin strap and numerous connectors in a wide choice of different lengths and designs.