Collective protection

Lateral protection

A lateral protection system (designed to secure an edge) is used to secure potential falling edges on a building site to prevent workers from falling while they are working. This side protection system can be made of wood - or consist of a guard rail made of steel or aluminium.

A lateral protection system should consist of a top bar, a middle bar and a skirting board. In the case of a guard rail, these are referred to as the hand rail, knee rail and the toe bar. The top edge of the lateral protection system should be at least 100 cm above the surface on which it has been set up. The distance between the top and middle bars, resp. between the middle bar and skirting board must not exceed 47 cm.

A lateral protection system, resp. system designed to secure an edge, is a collective protection measure and should be given precedence over an individual fall arrest solution whenever possible.

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