ABS Care+
Metal locker for storing personal protection equipment (PPE)

Image showing an open metal ABS Care+ storage locker which is designed for storing PPE equipment
The rods inside our ABS Care+ storage locker offer a practical solution for hanging up your safety harness and connectors
Photo showing personal fall arrest equipment stored in an ABS Care+ locker
Everything in its place - carerfully storing your PPE equipment in an ABS Care+ locker not only extends its lifecycle but makes it easier to find when you need it

Product information ABS Care+

This high-quality metal locker (650 x 400 x 350 mm) offers reliable protection for your PPE fall protection kit and is designed for wall mounting. There is a rod inside which allows you to hang your kit up. 2 keys are included in the package.

  • For PPE storage
  • 650 x 400 x 350 mm
  • Incl. 2 keys

Find out more about our ABS Care+ ABS Care+ locker for storing your personal fall protection equipment (PPE)

Direct sunlight, damp or twisted straps can damage your personal fall protection equipment (PPE) and cause your safety harness & Co. to age rapidly.

Our ABS Care+ metal storage locker ensures that your equipment is stored under optimal conditions. This locker offers you plenty of room (650 x 400 x 350 mm) for carefully storing your PPE set and all your accessories, such as your helmet, temporary lifelines etc.

The locker is designed to be hung on a wall and is coated in bright red paint. On the front, there is a large pictogramme symbolising “Use PPE equipment”. The locker door is fitted with a cylindrical lock, 2 keys are supplied.

Accessories / Components

Easy-to-wear safety harness for continuous usage when working high up

Combination of safety harness and high-visibility vest