ABS Fixed Ladder
Fixed vertical ladder systems - fitted with either a safety cage or a rigid guide

Photo showing a specification plate where you can review all the important details of your ABS vertical ladder system
All the important details of your vertical ladder system can be found on the mandatory safety system label

Product information ABS Fixed Ladder

Secure your access points and make sure you are safe during a long ascent using one of our high-quality, ABS Safety vertical ladder systems - for applications ranging from detached houses to multi-story industrial complexes. Our lightweight, aluminium vertical ladders can be permanently attached to concrete, masonry or multi-layered surfaces. Choose between a vertical ladder system with a safety cage or a rigid guide (ABS SafetyHike or climbing protection rail).
Generally supplied on euro pallets = lower transport costs & simple handling at the construction site.

  • DIN 18799-1: 2019-06
  • DIN 18799-3: 2021-02
  • DIN 14094-1: 2017-04
  • EN ISO 14122-4:2016-10
  • Extra assembly-friendly modular principle
  • Lightweight aluminium design
  • All systems are complete with small resting platforms, guardrails etc.

Find out more about our ABS Fixed Ladder Stay secured at all times!

Whether you need to access your roof, install an emergency ladder or access your machinery - ABS Safety vertical ladder systems let you create a safe way up for any type of architecture. They are easy and flexible to install, come in a range of different models and can be supplemented using corresponding fall protection and guardrail systems. Our robust aluminium ladders are available in three different models: With a full-length safety cage. As a vertical ladder system with an integrated rail system (rigid guide + guided-type fall arrester). Or as a vertical ladder with a cable (rigid guide + guided-type fall arrester).

ABS vertical ladder systems are supplied with all the required installation materials and can be supplemented using any desired fall protection solution. Order your vertical ladder system complete with the corresponding fall protection, guardrail and barrier systems to secure workers when climbing onto the roof (e.g. over the parapet). Of course, we also offer all the systems you need to protect you from falling off your roof or from your workplace. And we can also supply you with matching fall protection equipment - ranging from sharp edge-tested Y-connectors to easily adjustable safety harnesses.

ABS Safety vertical ladder systems are equipped with an individual Data Matrix Code (DMC) which makes it easy to create a set of paperless installation or maintenance documents. Use our free ABS Lock Book app on your smartphone or tablet to easily store and manage all the required information on the product, its installation and its usage. Right there on the spot - using your mobile device (Android and iPhone). This ensures that the data you need to comply with the DGUV rules is transparent and can be retrieved at any time. Simply give the code a quick scan using the camera of your mobile phone for instant access to the current approval status and all the stored product information.

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