ABS Guard OnTop Weight
Guard rail system - secured using weights

Image showing our ABS Guard OnTop Weight guard rail system with plastic weights installed on a flat roof using weights - provides lateral protection
Fall arrest for any flat roof surface: Our ABS Guard OnTop Weight guard rail is simply set up using a system of plastic weights
Application photo of a fully assembled guard rail system on a flat roof.
Guard rail system ABS Guard OnTop Weight ballasted with concrete weights prevents reaching the crash edge of a flat roof.
Photo showing our ABS Guard OnTop Weight guard rail in usage on a flat roof covered with gravel
Simply add a gate element to our ABS Guard OnTop Weight guard rail system for optimal protection around your roof access point

Product information ABS Guard OnTop Weight

Use this guard rail system to secure the edge of your roof, a domed rooflight or other fall danger zone on a flat roof surface (pitch of up to 10°). The handrail is 1100 mm high and made of high-quality aluminium and stainless steel material. Installation is done using a set of plastic or concrete weights - without penetrating your roof surface. This guard rail can be implemented as a natural conducting component in a lightning protection system (100 kA) in accordance with EN 62305-3.
Pre-assembled kit also available and supplied on pallets = lower transport costs & simple handling at the construction site.

  • EN 13374:2019, A
  • Variant concrete weights up to 120mm continuously height adjustable (optional accessory)
  • Distance between the posts: Max. 2.50 m
  • Concrete weights
    280 x 790 mm (2 x 29 kg); Weight of the system per m: 34.64 kg
  • Plastic weights
    760 x 800 mm (2 x 25 kg); Weight of the system per m: 30.25 kg
  • Incl. special fleece material for surface protection

Find out more about our ABS Guard OnTop Weight Flexible side protection for flat roofs: This guard rail system is secured using a set of weights

Our ABS Guard OnTop Weight guard rail system is designed for penetration-free installation on flat roofs with an inclination of up to 10°. The system is counterweighted using weights. This high-quality guard rail is made from weatherproof aluminium and comes with straight posts. There is a large selection of connecting and terminating elements to choose from - allowing you to install a tailormade collective protection solution. Thanks to the flexible angular elements, you can easily adapt your railing to the course of the roof, even around almost any corner.

No parapet? No problem! We also offer an optional toeboard for our guard rail systems. This can be used in zones that do not have a parapet or appropriate edge protection. Our roof guard rail system can also be fitted with a special ABS Guard OnTop Gate element. This provides easy access to the secured area.

You need very few tools to be able to install this roof guard rail system. The knee and handrails can be shortened using a tube cutter in a matter of minutes and are fixed in place using practical plastic clamp covers. No additional drilling is required. Our package also includes special fleece material that can be placed underneath the weights to protect the roof membrane.

Accessories / Components

Step safely off your ladder onto a flat roof surface

Gate element for our ABS Guard OnTop guard rail systems

Toeboard for ABS Guard OnTop guard rail systems