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ABS Guard OnTop Sandwich Guardrail System | riveted

  • EN 13374-A:2013
  • Post dimensions: 30x70x1150mm
  • Cross beam dimensions: 40x60x1190mm
  • Handrail: 40mm Ø
  • Kneerail: 40mm Ø
  • straight posts

Product description ABS Guard OnTop Sandwich

Guard rail for trapezoidal sheeting and sandwich roofs

A clever way to prevent the fall - the guardrail system ABS Guard OnTop SW sets itself apart withan innovative fastening technology. The high quality aluminum rails are based on stainless steel baseplates. The baseplates are conveniently installed using blind rivets. The installation takes place from above and is completly watertight. The load on the roof is minimized, additional weights are not required!

Thanks to corner brackets and adjustable angle brackets, obstacles are not a problem. This makes the guardrail suitable for almost all roofs.