ABS UniGlide PRO
Overhead glider for lifeline systems (8 mm) - straight routes

Product information ABS UniGlide PRO

This stainless steel roller glider was developed for permanent implementation in a straight lifeline system (8 mm). It is used overhead and is made of extremely robust 316 steel material.

  • Roller glider for lifeline systems (8 mm)
    (only straight routes)
  • Specially designed for overhead usage
  • Manufactured from extremely robust stainless steel material (316)
  • Incl. carabiner hook in accordance with EN 362
  • Secures 1 Person in compliance with DIN EN 795:2012
Max. no. of users

Find out more about our ABS UniGlide PRO Specially designed for lifeline systems: Deluxe roller glider

Our ABS UniGlide PRO is a stainless steel roller glider manufactured from a particularly robust 316 steel material. It ensures a high level of manoeuvrability and ease-of-usage in a straight, overhead lifeline system. Thanks to its 4 smooth-running rollers, our ABS UniGlide PRO offers the very best gliding properties available for 8 mm stainless steel cables -  and it glides just as smoothly over the intermediate supports of our ABS-Lock SYS II system.

To make it easier to use an anchorage system that is normally difficult to reach, e.g. a system installed just below the roof of a hall, you can use our ABS UniGlide PRO in combination with one of our self-retracting lifelines. Simply use the extendable strap of the self-retracting lifeline to easily access your fall arrest system from ground level.

Our ABS UniGlide PRO is supplied with 1 carabiner hook. As it is manufactured from a particularly robust 316 steel material, it is ideal for usage in salt water environments, such as in indoor swimming pools or the chemical industry. It serves as an anchorage point for 1 individual and has been tested in accordance with EN 795:2012, class C.

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