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ABS-Lock X-H-16 Fall Protection Anchor Wood | screwed

  • National technical approval ("abZ") / "Ü-Symbol"
    (In Germany pls. observe the provisions stated in the abZ)
  • EN 795:2012, A + CEN/TS 16415:2013
  • abZ (Z-14.9-688): OSB min. 22mm
  • EN 795: Wood min. 24mm, OSB min. 18mm
  • Incl. installation set
  • Add a supporting tube for usage as an end or corner post in a lifeline system

Product description ABS-Lock X-H-16

Single anchorage point with DIBt certification for weak wooden structures

A fall arrest device on a wooden surface that is only 24 mm thick? No problem for our ABS-Lock X-H-16 anchor. This single anchorage point can even be installed on OSB boards only 18 mm (22 mm regarding abZ specification) thick reg. This is made possible through the implementation of a stainless steel rod which is specially designed to buckle under the force of a fall so as to convert lever force into propulsive force.

Our ABS-Lock X-H-16 anchorage device is manufactured completely from stainless steel materials and includes a base plate (200 x 200 mm). Add a matching supporting tube to upgrade your ABS-Lock X-H-16 for use as an intermediate or end post in a lifeline system to secure as many as 4 users.

Are you looking for a system for installation on a facade or in a ceiling? Then take a look at our ABS-Lock III-HW which is installed by pushing it through a load-bearing beam and countering it on the other side. Or try out our ABS-Lock X-KLEMM which is designed to be clamped onto a beam so as not to damage the beam structure. Or why not ask us straight out which would be the best solution for your individual project? Click here to contact our Service Team.