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ABS-Lock X-H-24 Fall Protection Anchor Wood | screwed

  • EN 795:2012, A + CEN/TS 16415:2013
  • OSB min. 12 mm
  • Wood min. 18 mm
  • Can also be screwed through vapor barriers or waterproofing (max. 15 mm)
  • optimal force distribution through the round base plate design
  • Incl. installation set

Product description ABS-Lock X-H-24

Stainless steel anchorage point with round base plate for difficult surfaces

An anchorage point for 3 individuals which still does its job perfectly even when installed in OSB (oriented strand) boards that are merely 12 mm thick? No problem for our ABS-Lock X-H-24 – thanks to its special base plate geometry. Due to its symmetrical design, the stress (from a fall) is optimally distributed – irrespective of the direction of load. This anchorage device can also be installed by screwing it through waterproofing, a vapor barrier or thermal insulation with a maximum depth of 15 mm.

The anchorage point, which is manufactured completely from stainless steel, is simply screwed onto an OSB surface or wood paneling using 24 screws. Wooden subsurfaces, however, must be at least 18 mm thick. In the case of a fall, the anchor buckles to a pre-defined degree, thus minimizing the force exerted on the subsurface.

Make sure you only use your anchorage point in combination with suitable personal fall protection equipment (PPE). Your PPE should include a force-absorbing lanyard to reduce the force exerted on the user’s body and protect him/her from serious injury. Click here for more information on ABS Safety’s range of matching PPE equipment.