EN 795: Personal fall protection equipment - anchor devices

EN 795 (current version issued in October 2012) governs the technical requirements placed on "Personal fall protection equipment - anchor devices". This standard defines, for example, which loads technical fall arrest solutions must withstand and how these are to be tested and certified in order to obtain marketing approval.

In accordance with EN 795, there are five basic types of anchorage device (Types A-E).

  • Type A refers to single anchors which are firmly anchored to the subsurface
  • Type B anchors are temporary anchorage points that can be easily removed and that are, for example, merely clamped into place
  • Type C refers to lifeline systems
  • Type D represents rail systems
  • Type E refers to temporary systems that are, for example, stabilized through their own weight.
Siegel der DEKRA für nach DIN EN 795:2012 zertifizierte ABS Anschlageinrichtungen