DGUV - German statutory accident insurance

DGUV Publication 208-032

The German statutory accident insurance scheme, DGUV, provides a wealth of useful information on "Selecting and using fixed ladders" in DGUV Publication 208-032.

This DGUV Publication is aimed at those who use and operate fixed ladder solutions. It contains information on the respective risk assessment process, types of ladders and how these are fixed in place, how to use fixed ladders and all the components associated with them as well as on how to inspect them.

Fixed ladder types

DGUV Publication 208-032 describes the different types of fixed ladder available. These include:

  • Fixed ladders for building structures
  • Emergency ladder systems
  • Fixed ladders for usage in shafts
  • Fixed ladders used to access mechanical equipment

The requirements pertaining to the different types of ladder are described in detail in DGUV Publication 208–032 with an additional, clearly-structured summary provided in the Appendix.

Using a fixed ladder and fixed ladder components

When using a fixed ladder and fixed ladder components, various aspects need to be taken into account. These include:

  • Selecting suitable employees
  • Taking materials, tools and other aids along
  • Using the required personal protective equipment
  • Observing the corresponding operating instructions and respective training

Further assistance is also available on the above topics.