DGUV - German statutory accident insurance

DGUV Publication 212-515

DGUV Publication 212-515 (formerly BGI 515), which applies to multiple sectors, is entitled “Personal protective equipment” and provides companies and insured parties with information on how to select and equip oneself with the right PPE equipment.

Requirements applying to PPE equipment

Not only does this publication point out that workers must be provided with suitable PPE, but also which criteria this PPE needs to meet. Protective equipment is considered to be suitable, if:

  • It is state-of-the-art
  • It reduces the identified risks to an absolute minimum
  • It also takes into account ergonomic aspects that affect the user, such as how it fits and what it weighs - depending on the task involved
  • It is easy-to-use and can be easily adjusted to the respective area of work

We would also like to draw your attention here to DGUV Rule 112-198 (formerly BGR 198) which deals with using fall protection equipment (PPE).

Personal protective equipment - service life

Personal protective equipment may only be used for the period prescribed by the manufacturer. Certain items of protective equipment, e.g. safety harnesses and fall protection connectors, are also subject to regular inspections. On top of this, DGUV Publication 212-515 also points out that insured users are also responsible for carrying out their own examinations of the equipment. For example, in the case of fall protection equipment, users are reminded that they must subject their equipment to a visual inspection prior to usage so as to be able to determine any damage that may affect the safety of the equipment.