General terms

General type approval

A general type approval (German: “aBG”) describes how particular construction products are to be used/applied. It specifically governs the combination of two or more construction products to form one single structural design (“type”). The aim of the type approval procedure is to ensure the safety of individual construction products in interaction with others.

The manufacture and distribution of construction products is governed by the German Construction Products Regulation and can be verified through a range of different approval processes. An anchorage device cannot be used on its own to secure someone working high-up. It can only work when used in combination with another construction product (e.g. concrete).

The interaction between construction product number 1 (anchorage device) and construction product number 2 (concrete) is described in the type approval. This usability certification (aBG) is extremely important because this is the only way of ensuring that the anchorage system is capable of withstanding the force of a fall and that the connection with the concrete is reliable.

For example, the type approval defines the requirements pertaining to the subsurface, the installation materials and the permissible directions of load.

The installation instructions serve to help you to comply with the general type approval. 

Type approval for a specific project

In contrast to a general type approval, a project-related type approval describes either a case where the construction product differs significantly from the aBG or where a special type of application is used.

As a general type approval does not generally cover all the feasible, resp. conceivable applications, this gap can be closed by means of a project-related type approval.