Rail and lifeline fall arrest systems - specially designed to secure walls, ceilings, facades and flat roofs

Our ABS Safety lifeline systems ensure your work and accesses are secured at all times - across virtually any distance. In most cases, your users only have to hook up once for interruption-free protection whilst using one of our traversable systems. Our lifeline systems offer the utmost in flexibility. A broad selection of different connectors and corner elements allow you to adapt your system to any type of building structure - a flexible solution that fits perfectly into your arresting and retention system plans. Now your users can simply get on with their work.

Installion on many subsurfaces possible

You are also free to choose when it comes to the substructure. Virtually all ABS Safety anchorage points are suitable for implementation in a lifeline system - or can be accordingly upgraded for use as a corner support or end terminal by simply adding a supporting tube. This means that we can offer you an interruption-free fall arrest solution for practically any type of subsurface: Wood, steel, concrete, masonry, metal seam roofs, concrete hollow slabs and many more - whatever your subsurface, we can equip it with a lifeline system.

All the components used in our lifeline systems are made of high quality 1.4401 (V4A) stainless steel. Naturally, all our anchorage devices have been certified in accordance with EN 795:2012. Whether you are looking for a solution for a facade, for machinery or for a flat or pitched roof, a series of corner and angular elements makes getting around or over obstacles child's play. Thanks to our range of flexible, individually adjustable corner elements and high quality pulley wheels, you are not bound by fixed angles. And our modern tensioning elements make sure your stainless steel cable is set to just the perfect level of tension - all year round.

Easy to use!

Our high quality rail safety systems offer you optimum ease of use and maximum smoothness. All our models - which are made of aluminum, stainless steel or V4A steel depending on the model in question - are not only capable of withstanding the toughest environments but also provide fall-endangered workplaces with the ultimate in safety.