Anchorage devices, guardrails, roof safety hooks, PPE: We offer a complete range of fall arrest equipment for your occupational needs

For workers on roofs and in halls, craftsmen, roof construction and industrial companies, individuals and groups of employees - ABS Safety fall arrest solutions ensure the best possible protection in all situations. Our strength lies in a broad range of products that we have developed in-house. These products are manufactured in Germany and supported by a comprehensive service portfolio - because we know that your fall arrest solution requires careful planning and correct installation.

Whatever you need: Retention systems and fall arrest solutions

Our anchorage points and lifeline systems have been certified in accordance with EN 795. The vast majority of these systems are manufactured completely from weather-resistant, stainless steel material. Our supports have been specially designed to buckle under stress and reduce the force exerted on the installation structure, thus reducing the risk of injury. ABS Safety solutions not only reliably catch the user in the case of a fall, but also also prevent falls from happening in the first place - assuming our equipment is installed and used correctly. When configured and used as a retention system, our fall arrest solutions offer users plenty of room to maneuver within the bounds of their workplace - but stop them from going any further! They prevent your workers from accidentally stepping off the edge - and depending on the selected system, you can secure between 1 and 4 individuals simultaneously.

Major cause of accidents - ladders

Ladders are the main cause of falls in the working environment. Most falls are caused by ladders that are not set up safely - or by users leaning too far over. ABS Safety ladder safety devices provide added stability, thus preventing your ladder from tipping or slipping. The choice is yours: You can either equip your ladder with an additional securing mechanism that allows you to attach your ladder to the edge of the roof for increased stability. Alternatively, you can install a securing device permanently to the edge of your roof. This device not only helps you to reliably secure your ladder in place but also marks the spot where it is safe to access the roof surface.

Collective protection is the number one priority

Anchorage devices are ideal for securing your workers in fall danger zones. However, we only recommend using such solutions in cases where the structure renders it impossible to install collective protection measures or where the number of assignments is so low that such measures simply do not pay off. The basic rule is: Collective protection should be given priority over individual protection measures. Our broad selection of collective protection products ranges from permanently installed guardrails designed to secure the roof edge and the vicinity around domed rooflights to practical window guard solutions and temporary guardrails that provide lateral protection on a pitched roof surface. We always take great pains to ensure that our guardrails are extremely lightweight. This makes transporting and setting them up much easier - and also ensures that the approved total roof load is not exceeded.

Personal fall protection equipment (PPE) and accessories

All you need now to round off your fall arrest solution is the right protective equipment. Our PPE collection ranges from connectors based on a robust kernmantle cable core to high quality self-retracting lifelines - manufactured according to EN 360 - flexible safety harnesses and lightweight helmets. We also put quality first when it comes to accessories: We offer everything you need for installing and sealing up your anchorage devices. Our portfolio includes matching sealant collars for all types of installation surfaces. High quality two-component adhesive, robust installation aids and practical air pumps round off our product range. See for yourself what we have to offer - review our wide selection of products right now.